The Love Island star is just adorbs

We always knew Love Island star Chris Hughes was a massive softie, but we’ve seen it all now. Seriously, does this man get any cuter!?

The reality TV legend took to Instagram story on Tuesday and shared a video of himself and a pal rescuing kittens from a tree. KITTENS. Yes, hot man saving kittens…it is happening and we love it!

Whilst filming, Chris gave a running commentary of the kitten saving procedure, explaining that there were two cats in the tree, a bigger one and a small one. Oh, and the big one fell down apparently…

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Here’s a really captivating shot from the video. If you’re as blind as us, you’ll struggle to spot the cat…

Hmm. Anyway, we hope the cats were OK.

It’s not just this that proves Chris is like the biggest babe EVER. The Love Island contestant also shared a video of him and girlfriend Olivia Attwood, eskimo kissing in bed. Over the video, Chris wrote the word ‘love’, because he’s just so damn cute.

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Serious #couplegoals right here…

This isn’t the first time Chris has made us want to cry because a) we will NEVER find someone as cute, and b) we have a massive crush on him so errr…

In fact, Chris regularly posts photos of him and Olivia looking loved-up alongside absolutely beautiful captions, which leave a little tear forming in the corner of our eye. Maybe we’re just tired. Who knows.

Earlier in the week, Chris posted this throwback pic of him and Liv in the Love Island villa and described Ms Attwood as his reason to ‘smile every day’

Fans commented on the pic, expressing their love for the couple.

One user wrote: ‘Awww Chris. Look after Liv. She is a gem. Love you two ❤️❤️❤️’, and another added: ‘cutest couple going oh my‘.

Gah. We can’t deal!