Sexpert Annabelle Knight knows exactly what is going with the Love Island Islanders… and this is what you need to know!


As the third week of Love Island draws to a close it’s safe to say we have moved on from the customary Sangria to something a little more…. strong…*downs tequila shot*

Luckily we have Sexpert Annabelle Knight to guide us through the jigsaw puzzle that has been the recent villa events, and these are her updated Love Island observations…

Through Annabelle’s bilingual skills in the area of body language we can report that Hannah and Jon are still utterly and sickeningly in love (not that we’re bitter or anything)-‘they’re extremely affectionate at all points of the day, his body language often shows his protective nature whilst hers shows a need to be protected which works very well for them’.

And it turns out Annabelle is also bilingual in ‘posh’- ‘Interestingly I felt like Danielle exaggerated her accent a little to mirror (posh) Chris’, this is something a lot of people do when trying to attract a partner’. Perhaps we should try the same technique if we (ever) get the opportunity to meet Prince Harry… *Practices princess wave*…

Zoe, however, has come under fire from our sexpert, who is less than impressed with how she dealt with the (not-so-posh) Chris situation- ‘instead of behaving in a mature, lady like and respectful way she acted like a spoilt little brat who hadn’t got her way.  On their date she was rude, disinterested and sarcastic’.

However Annabelle has praise for the group as a whole, who she feels has become very close (A bit of Now body language reading for you- we think the ‘Islanders’ chant has something to do with it). According to our Sexpert, Omar has definitely adopted the ‘all for one and one for all’ vibes- ‘constantly touching his face showed that he was nervous about making any decision that might affect the group negatively’. She adds ‘his hunched stature also showed an insecurity and lack of confidence in his ability to make decisions’. Omar you sweetheart!

And the Islanders are never free from Annabelle’s omnipresent scrutiny- even during the cocktail challenge she picked up on some body language revelations- ‘Jess was literally spitting in Omar’s face so she didn’t have to make actual lip to lip contact with him’.

Annabelle what would we do without you!

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Alice Perry