The reality star called on her fans to be smart and safe

Emma Woodhams has been praised for raising awareness of drinks safety around strangers, as she reports that her own drink was spiked on a night out in Oxford.

The Love Island contestant took to Twitter early on Thursday morning (1st December) outraged, claiming that she’d nearly taken a sip of her drink before discovering that an unknown pill had been dropped inside the glass without her knowledge.

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Emma, who paired up with boyfriend Terry Walsh while on the ITV2 show earlier this year, then decided to take her grievances to social media to spread the message as far as possible.

Writing to over 98,000 of her Twitter followers, Emma began: ‘I can’t believe I have just gone to take a sip of my drink and noticed it looks cloudy and then pulled a dissolving pill out of it.

‘Girls please be careful if you are on a night out in Oxford or specifically @atikoxford I am disgusted. #staysafe #standuptoc**ts’.

Awkwardly for the club, she wasn’t finished expressing her discontent in the slightest, as she then told the public how her serious complaint was brushed off by a manager – and then shared a picture of the spiked drink in question.

‘Amazing how helpful @atikoxford want to be now. I stood for 45 minutes in the club asking for a manager for this reason to be palmed off.’

Scary stuff. Thankfully, Emma was not hurt – but her experience kicked off a big conversation with her fans, some of whom then shared their traumatic experiences.

‘Crime/drugs has risen so much here over the past 12 months to the point where I don’t go out anymore because I don’t feel safe, and it should never be that way!’ wrote one fan.

Emma ended with a final important message:

Emma’s not the only Love Islander who’s raised awareness for essential this week – for example, Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen endorsed a line of Christmas condoms.

Whoever said reality TV couldn’t be educational?