Viewers were so angry when they spotted this...


Love Island viewers have taken to social media to express their rage after some thought they spotted the ‘same actress’ playing both the shop assistant Anton gave his number to and a waitress working in the Love Island nightclub.

Love Island fake

Unlucky-in-love Scottish boy Anton caused drama in the villa last week when he gave his number to a pretty cashier when the lads headed out for a shopping challenge.

The flirty incident caused a serious stir between the hunky gym owner and his flame, Belle, and viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when they thought they thought they spotted the same girl serving drinks in last night’s episode.

A very similar looking brunette with glasses was seen walking around with a tray of champagne glasses, sparking speculation from fans that producers of the show had used the same fake actress.


Love Island fake

One social media user accused the ITV dating show of being set up, Tweeting: ‘Why is the shop assistant also the bartender/waitress? #loveisland so staged. At least use a different actress??,’ while another agreed, chipping in: ‘Isn’t that waitress the shop assistant??? These guys couldn’t afford a different actress?? 😂#Loveisland.’

A third continued the trend, angrily penning: ‘This is awful, and apparently the cashier girl also works at the club. Because she’s an actress, and this is all staged bull****. #loveisland,’ with one more piping up to remark: ‘Okay, using the same actress is just sloppy #loveisland.’

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Love Island fake

Earlier in the show, Belle and Anton seemed to call time on their romance, after the make-up artist was left fuming when Anton snubbed her during a Snog, Marry, Pie challenge.

Love Island fake

The London girl kicked off when Anton opted to plant a snog on Kardashian-esque Anna instead of her.

The explosive instalment of villa drama concluded in a shock dumping, in which Islanders were left with the task to choose who is dumped from the Island, between couple Joanna and Michael.