‘Molly-Mae’s reaction and tears were so fake,' one tweeted


Some Love Island fans are convinced Molly-Mae is faking her feelings for Tommy after he said he’d fallen for her.

Love Island

On last night’s show, the boxer took the plunge and planned out an incredibly romantic way of asking the influencer to be his real-life girlfriend.

Later on, a gutsy Tommy also told Molly that he’s pretty much fallen in love with her.

‘How long do you reckon it’ll take to fall in love?’ he asked her. ‘Do you think you’re already falling?’

Giddy, he went on: ‘I do genuinely feel like I love you.’

Love Island

‘You just gave me goosebumps when you said that,’ Molly replied.

‘Honestly, these feelings that I have now I’ve not had before, ever, and I’d do anything for you,’ Tommy told her.

‘Yeah, I know,’ Molly said. ‘I feel the same, I keep going to say it but I keep stopping myself. Everything is so good at the moment, I feel like I want to save it for a rainy day.’

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Love Island Molly-Mae

However, Molly’s reluctance to say the L-word prompted a wave of tweets from Love Island fans accusing her of faking her feelings.


‘Molly-Mae don’t [sic] like Tommy, using the guy for his money,’ said a second.

While a third tweeted, ‘Molly Mae’s reaction and tears were so fake.. She’s just relieved that she’s still on course for that 50k.’

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And: ‘Hmm i got more of a tear to my eye than molly mae did bit of a faked reaction? they were my favourite but starting to think its a bit fake now.’

But others came to Molly and Tommy’s defence and backed them as this year’s clear Love Island winners.

‘We all know full well that molly-mae and tommy are gonna win love island. #loveisland,’ another viewer wrote, while another gushed, ‘Every girl needs a Tommy fury in their lives! Love him and molly Mae.’