Could this be?...


Love Island fans were in for a shocker of an episode last night, when Jordan confessed his feelings for India – and proceeded to tell her behind Anna’s back. Ouch!

But after we survived storm Anna (or probably just the first instalment of it), fans took to Twitter to speculate about why Jordan has had such an extreme change of heart – and many seem to think they know the real reason the model’s head has been turned.

Turns out some think the 24-year-old had been plotting his revenge plan ever since Anna came back from Casa Amor with Ovie, while he stood single by the fire pit.

One said on Twitter: ‘Anna did the same to Jordan when she came back with Ovie, maybe its revenge.’


A second said: ‘I reckon he’s had something like this planned since she returned from Casa Amor draped all over Ovie. No way was Jordan happy with that situation, sweet revenge to reel her back in then drop her like a hot potato!’

A third added: ‘Jordan been planning this since Anna got back to villa with Ovie. His plan was to show he could get Anna back & then Embarrass her for embarrassing him & then steal Ovies girl like Ovie stole his. He’s been about revenge this WHOLE time!’

‘Is it just me or does anyone else think Jordan has done this as a revenge thing for Anna coming back from Casa Amor with Ovie. Just seems like he’s led her on so he can get his #revenge on her. @annavakili deserves so much more he’s an absolute tool!!!’, another said.

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One fan even praised him for his master plan: ‘Jordan is a legend for this. This gotta be the best revenge I’ve ever seen. Anna brought back ovie so he plotted and got Anna back with India.’

Another reinforced the revenge theory, but added that the other alternative is that Jordan actually wants Ovie: ‘Is this the part when we actually found out Ovie stole a guy from Jordan on the outside and now he’s getting revenge

either that or he just wants to be Ovie, I mean who wouldn’t.’

If that’s the case, you only have the whole of the UK as competition, Jordan…

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2.