Really, Megan?!

Things got pretty steamy during Tuesday night’s edition of Love Island when Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson were granted some alone time in the hideaway.

But it wasn’t the pair’s racy antics that got viewers talking as many were distracted by something quite shocking about Megan…

Viewers noticed the 24-year-old wearing a familiar grey hoodie when she entered the room with Wes and many are convinced that it actually belongs to Eyal Booker, the former islander who Megan slept with in the hideaway a matter of weeks ago. AWKS!

‘As ifff Megan’s wearing Eyal’s hoodie in the hideaway with Wes she just does not stop,’ one stunned fan wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: ‘Megan dealing Eyal another blow wearing his hoodie to go f*** Wes in the same bed’

And one added: ‘Megan and Wes have just f***ed on national tv and Megan is wearing Eyal’s hoodie, howling’

There’s been no public response from Eyal yet, who instead was busy reuniting with his villa BFF Niall Aslam for a night out.

All awkward wardrobe choices aside, Megan and Wes, 20, seemed to enjoy their time alone in the hideaway and slept together not one but TWICE.


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Megan gushed about the intimate evening to her fellow islanders the next morning and nodded when asked if they’d had sex.

‘He was so lovely, properly looking after me, I felt really close to him, it was nice,’ she explained.

‘I haven’t felt this way. I’ve finally found what I’m looking for.’

Meanwhile Wes wasn’t quite as coy about it all and told the boys: ‘Go hard or go home. Two, one this morning as well.’

So will Megan and Wes go the distance now that they’ve been reunited, despite Megan ditching him for Alex Miller when the boys left for the Casa Amor villa? It’ll certainly be interesting to see…