We take a look at what's on the menu while the Love Island lot are in Mallorca


There are MANY mysteries to Love Island. Like, how is commentator Iain Stirling so funny? How much do they get paid to go on the show? And just how much did the girls spend on ASOS each before going on the show?! Seriously now.

But our most burning question? We want to know exactly what the dating hopefuls are eating while they’re on the show. They seem to be munching – constantly – which makes no difference to those lithe bodies, damnit. But where’s all that food coming from, and do they cook it themselves?

Enjoying that carrot, Chris?

An ITV insider told us that the islanders are pretty spoiled during their time on the show – there’s no slaving over a hot stove for them:

“They tend to be catered for unless they are cooking for a challenge or a date.

“There are often a few choices but today they had pork and chicken curry with salads. Apparently they eat a lot of bananas.”


When Now went to visit the villa before the show we also gleaned a few foodie facts from the producers while we were in the house checking out that amazing outdoor kitchen.

We can reveal that islanders are given a ton of snacks to keep them going throughout the day – consisting of fruit, crisps, cereal and toast.

The face that Montana pulls when the carrots run out

The one meal a day that they DO have to sort out for themselves is breakfast. So you might see them boiling an egg in the morning – but that’s about it. Basically, it’s like living at your mum’s house when she does all your cooking for you. You’re not going to bother if mum’s doing all the legwork, are you?!

And it’s not just us who’s obsessed with what the Love Island clan are eating… viewers are watching with a beady eye too, and have picked up on Montana Brown’s snacking habits…

We miss nothing, Love Island.