Things got a little too revealing on Monday night’s show…


Love Island has already been filled with some pretty steamy antics so far in the 2017 series, what with two couples having already had sex on the show.

Despite this it appears that things got so explicit on Monday night’s show that bosses were forced to edit OUT footage which was deemed too explicit to broadcast. Yikes.


Love Island viewers SHOCKED by Marcel Somerville’s bedroom revelation

During a game of Mr and Mrs the couples were challenged to guess intimate details about each other, including biggest turn-offs and how many people they’d slept with.

The final question proved particularly saucy though as the female Islanders had to guess what their fellas’ favourite sex position was.

Whilst some of the pairs’ answers were aired (including the adorable moment Camilla Thurlow visibly cringed as she questioned whether Jonny Mitchell liked doggy style best), Jessica Shears and Dom Lever’s responses appeared to have been cut and there was reportedly a reason behind that…

According to The Sun Dom was gutted that Jess got his position wrong following their night of passion in the hideaway last week and went on to detail the moves they did during their hook-up.

‘We did it, we did that position in the hideaway,’ Dom said. ‘Blows my mind how she did not get that.’

Apparently this discussion was so explicit that bosses edited out the scenes – ooh-er.

Meanwhile viewers were left gobsmacked/amused/cringing at the other answers during the cheeky task.

‘The sex position question on #LoveIsland was hilarious omg,’ one watcher Tweeted, whilst another wrote: ‘It’s got it all tonight has #LoveIsland !! Decent quotes…’

Later on in the show things got a little more serious as the couples discussed how things are going, with Jess telling Dom she’s ‘so chuffed’ that they’ve spent almost every day together.

‘I’m not sure how I’d be here without you,’ she explained. ‘I’m ridiculously confident that not a lot could break us.’

Viewers are split over them though, with some labelling them ‘fake’ whilst others have said they’re their ‘fave’ couple.

Drama as always and we wouldn’t have it any other way tbh.