Looks like Gabs has divided viewers

Love Island sadly came to a close last week, and whilst we’ve been trying to reassemble our social lives, Sunday night’s reunion show helped ease our withdrawal symptoms.

But one islander really split viewers with one of her choices.


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Gabby Allen got people talking during the series as many viewers claimed her romance with Marcel Somerville was ‘fake’.

And last night Gabs did it again as she left viewers divided with her, er, choice of outfit.

Fans of the show were left baffled by Gabs’ fashion pick with several likening her to Scary Spice AKA Mel B.

The islander uploaded a pic of herself before the reunion show claiming that the ensemble was the ‘outfit of dreams’.

But several viewers weren’t feeling the reality stars latest look.

One user wrote: ‘Who has dressed Gabby ? She looks like she should be in the flintstones/pirates of the Caribbean #loveislandreunion’.

A second said: ‘Gabby, 90s Shania Twain called she wants her clobber back #loveislandreunion’.

Whilst a third added: ‘Thought Gabby couldn’t do worse than those denim boots but she’s managed it with tonight’s outfit #LoveIslandReunion’.

And they weren’t the only ones…

However not everyone disliked the islanders latest look, one user wrote: ‘She slays this outfit so much.’

A second added: ‘Loveeeeee this outfit @gabbydawnallen it’s amazing.’

Another said: ‘The best style of all the girls! Own style, not a sheep! Love it @gabbydawnallen.’

Gabby and Marcel confirmed that they were still very much together, despite their doubters.

And the pair even confirmed that they had sealed the deal with some ‘alone time’, as Gabby vowed to not sleep with Marce in the villa.

Well, it looks like this pair are going from strength to strength, and we for one LOVE them.