We're feeling you, Paige...


Love Island viewers were left in hysterics last night when they spotted Scottish stunner Paige Turley doing something hilariously relatable.

Love Island

Credit: ITV

As loyal fans of the ITV dating show tuned in for the fourth episode of the first ever winter series, it was Lewis Capaldi’s former flame who was keeping them most entertained.

As Bristol girl Siânnise Fudge began confiding with her fellow villa gals about her feelings for hunky builder, Nas Majeed, it seemed that Paige couldn’t be less interested.

Eagle-eyed watchers took to Twitter to share their amusement when they spotted the blonde bombshell obliviously tucking into a sweet snack as her pal spilled her male problems.

Paige is the only person I relate to on Love Island because she’s just eating a snack looking hot while everyone is talking about their relationships,’ one penned.

Lol Paige just sat there eating chocolate while the girls are having a discussion. So relatable 😂,’ added another.

A third admitted that Paige’s careless response to Siânnise’s issues was actually making her grow on them, ‘Drama going down and Paige is just sat there eating 😂 I’m liking her more 😂😂 #LoveIsland.’

This comes after the former Britian’s Got Talent contestant’s globally famous ex Lewis Capaldi broke his silence on her being in the latest batch of sexy Love Island singles.

Lewis has given his two cents on the situation after being name dropped by Paige durig her first few minutes on screen, with the heartbreak song writer announcing he’s expecting something in return for being Paige’s claim to fame.

“The prize is like £50,000 and I’ll be like ‘Well, listen. They asked you to go on it right I’m not saying I’m the reason but also… slide me two grand’,” he joked.

Speaking to New Zealand’s The Edge, he sweetly continued, “She never told me she was going on it. That would have been a nice heads up.

“But fair play and good luck to her. ‘ll be f***ing watching it – like go on Paige, come on.

“When she’s on a date with a boy I’ll be like come on kiss him. I hope she wins.”