What did you think of the controversial footage?!

Love Island– a place of sun, man buns and televised sexy times.

Yep, this year the villa was rocked by an absolute tornado of hormones and sexual chemistry- every moment of which was conveniently broadcast straight to our lil’ boxes as we ate cheese and dreamed about being as sexy as Alex one day.

But what about *that* infamous sex scene between Terry and Emma?! You know, the one that caused quite the reaction…


Yeah… THAT happened.

So anyway, it turns out that the controversial footage of an intimate moment between Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodham, which was broadcast by ITV on the 30th of June, has actually got the big cheeses of Love Island into a little bit of hot water.

Whilst the show has previously defended the footage as being ‘focused on the other Islanders’ reactions’, we did in fact see *quite* a bit of the action- as Emma was seen without the covers over her.

Since the episode, Ofcom have confirmed to Digital Spy that they received a total of eight complaints- and will now investigate whether the footage should ever have been aired. Eek!

This revelation has come to light after a pretty turbulent end-of-series show, which saw Tel and Emma finally come face-to-face with fellow Islander and ex-of-Terry, Malin Andersson. And guess what? IT WAS PLEASANT. We’re moderately surprised and incredibly impressed.

In fact, things seem to be going *incredibly* well for the couple…

Last night, Terry took to Twitter to share his plans to ask 19-year-old Emma to be his official girlfriend- tweeting, ‘Just to update u because they didn’t show it once Iv met Mr and Mrs Woodhams and if they approve of me I’ll ask @emmajwoodhams to b my gf’.

Oh to be young and in love.

Oh, and sexy. Very, very sexy.

Alice Perry