Viewers of the show were left cringing over this surreal moment


This week Love Island fans were left with their mouths wide open as Jack Fincham‘s ex girlfriend Ellie Jones strutted into Casa Amor totally unannounced. Awkward alert!

Love Island

Luckily, the nation could let out a joint sigh of relief as Jack cleared the air with his former flame while also staying loyal to girlfriend Dani Dyer. Phew.


But as Ellie then decided to finally move on and try her luck with some of the other lads in the villa, viewers were left totally confused by a completely surreal conversation she had with Sam Bird.

Speaking about meat – because y’know, what’s more sexy than meat-chat? – the 22-year-old said: ‘I get all confused, what’s a cow? What’s that? Beef? Is that lamb? Is that mince?’

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Not stopping there, the reality star wannabe then added: ‘And do you know what I don’t understand, the leg of a cow and the head of a cow taste different.’ Erm… okay?

And following the bizarre conversation, viewers of the ITV2 show were quick to hit out at the Jack’s ex, with many even accusing her of ‘playing a game’.

Meanwhile, some viewers drew comparison’s between Ellie and former Love Island contestant Hayley Hughes.

We think they’re referring to the time Liverpool-born Hayley didn’t know what Brexit was, or it could of been when she asked Eyal Booker what superficial meant.

Anyway, fans of the show took to Twitter with their new theory…

Beef chat aside, Ellie recently opened up about her feelings for pen salesman Jack, telling Alex and Wes that she’d ‘always have a soft spot’ for her ex beau.

‘I fancy him because he’s good looking but I don’t know’, she admitted.

‘Me and him were seeing each other on and off for two years, I’d say. I think me and Jack will always have that little, you know when you have a little soft spot. It’s just how things were left, the last thing he messaged me was like ‘Love you El,’ and we were FaceTiming each other about two days before he came in here.’