The couple have been together for less than TWO months


They’ve made no secret of their love for each other since meeting in the Love Island villa less than two months ago.

But despite their quick courtship, Jess Shears and boyfriend Dom Lever have made it crystal clear that their love is real – and permanent.

SO permanent in fact, they’ve had matching tattoos.


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In what appeared to be another sponsored post – they’ve gotta make that money – the couple headed to Jess’ tattooist in Devon on Thursday where they were inked with their respective initials.

They also gave a nod to the show that brought them together as they added a palm tree intertwined with a love heart on their forearm.

In her Instagram stories, Jess said: ‘Giving Dom a tour of Devon – We may or may not be getting tattoos… So me and Dom have just finished with my babe tats at Divine Ink’, before Dom said: ‘Smashed it, three hours session’.

Love Island

(Photo: Jess Shears/Instagram)

Jess then directed her followers to the page of her tattoo artist, who uses the tag Tess Divine Ink, with an image of Jess’ tattoo and a tagline revealing the tattoos were sponsored by a tattoo aftercare brand.

But it was all a bit too much for some of their followers, who mocked the couple for going under the needle so early in their relationship.

One Instagramer commented: ‘loool if they split up they better pray they meet someone else with the name starting with J Or D.’

While another said: ‘i’d laugh if they broke up and they just have that on them.’

Love Island

(Photo: tess_divine_ink)

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And another added: ‘I can’t deal this is ridic.’ (sic)

Another simply said: ‘Tragic.’

Since leaving the villa, the couple have been mocked for putting their names on a number of products including teeth whitening kits, clothing collaborations and make-up brands.

Let’s hope they won’t be sponsored by a laser tattoo removal company any time soon…

By Jenni McKnight