Erm, has she seen the show...?

With the new series of Love Island just days away, we’re all looking forward to a summer of sun, sea and some seriously sexy times.

But it seems as though contestant Jessica Shears isn’t interested in just finding a nookie partner and has vowed NOT to have sex during her time on the ITV show, saying: ‘It just complicates things.’

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Speaking to Now during our trip to the swanky Love Island pad in Majorca, glamour model Jessica also told us: ‘I’ve gone a year without sex in a relationship.’

Woah! That is some SERIOUS self-restraint…

Jess, 23, went on to admit that she knows it’ll be hard with sexy, scantily clad blokes around, but insisted: ‘If a guy likes me a lot he has to wait.’

And she really does seem intent on finding the man of her dreams on the show, confessing prior to being revealed as a contestant: ‘I want to find someone serious. My perfect guy is someone who doesn’t follow me on social media and doesn’t know who I am!’

However, fellow contestant Olivia Attwood seemed more resigned to the fact that getting it on is part and parcel of the show.

She told us: ‘The idea of having sex on the show is cringeworthy, but the reality is that it will happen.’

Olivia added: ‘Let’s just say no on top of the duvet action for me. There’s a way to keep it classy!’

Speaking previously, the 26-year-old grid girl from Surrey revealed a little more about what we can expect from her on the show.

She said: ‘Since I split with my long term ex, I think people would say I’m a bit of a player but I think that’s because I try not to take any rubbish from anyone soI think boys end up saying ‘she’s a player’ because they’ve not had their way with me.’

Ooh, we just can’t WAIT of the new series to start!

Love Island returns to ITV2 on Monday 5th June at 9pm.