The reality star has directly hit back at the rumours

Since news broke on Thursday that a Love Island couple have had their sex tape stolen, speculation has been mounting amongst fans about who the stars might be.

Some internet users questioned whether the footage could belong to Jessica Shears and Dom Lever – and now Jess has directly addressed the gossip on Twitter.


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The 23-year-old responded to a social media user who had written: ‘184740373738 % HAS TO BE THEM #boring’

Jess has denied that she and Dom, 26, are the stars of the mystery clip though, having replied to the Tweeter: ‘I know you want it to be us but unfortunately it’s not sweetheart

‘Your judge of character is as good as your maths #percentagesareoutof100’

Dom – who got engaged to Jess in September after their whirlwind three-month romance – hasn’t yet commented on the speculation.

It comes after it was revealed that an unnamed pair from the show had been left ‘devastated’ after their intimate video was stolen from a publicist’s car.

The X-rated footage made by the couple – which was filmed in August just weeks after Love Island ended – was snatched from the vehicle at a motorway service station, leading to a police investigation.

Publicist Rob Cooper is now offering a reward for the return of the video, which he says was taken when he pulled into the facility at Peterborough when he had finished a photoshoot with a client.

He claims that the stars – who had sex during their time in the villa – had released the tape on the condition that they hoped to sell it for ‘more than £100k’, with plans to negotiate a deal with the company responsible for marketing Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s famous sex tapes.

Rob has told The Mirror that the couple have made their families aware in case the intimate film is leaked online and he hopes that it will be returned as the pair face losing a big-money contract if not.

The scandal has been met with a mixed reaction online and it looks like the speculation is set to continue…