Is this a massive give away?


Eagle eyed Love Island fans have spotted a tiny detail in the sneak peek for tonight’s episode that they think reveals who is going to be booted of the show tonight.

Love Island Michael Joanna

The last instalment of villa drama ended on a cliff hanger after it was revealed that either Michael or Joanna would be leaving the Island, following a public vote that revealed them as one of the least popular couples.

When they and Anna and Jordan were all left in the bottom two, the pair’s fellow Islanders were asked to vote to save one couple.

Michael and Joanna received the fewest votes, then presenter Caroline announced that only one of them would be being booted off the show.

Love Island Michael Joanna

The episode ended leaving fans hanging, but some viewers reckon they have figured out who goes based on a moment from tonight’s first look video.

Taking to Twitter and sharing a screenshot of a frame in the footage in which Francesca can be seen, one social media user thought they had spotted Joanna’s shoulder.

Suggesting that it proves that Michael was the one to be chosen to leave, they penned: ‘Anyone else notice they’ve cropped the hair that was seen in first look clip on the app out of this twitter first look obviously proves they saved Joanna somehow #loveisland.’

One more noticed the same thing, posting: ‘Anyone else notice how the scene in first look on the love island app contains Joanna (probably) sitting next to Francesca but in the YouTube first look that scene has been cut out!!! So it’s definitely Joanna who’s still there!!’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Loll that does kinda look like her arm and hair colour 😬.’

And a fourth seemed shocked at the idea that Joanna hadn’t sacrificed her time in the villa for the sake of her fire fighter beau: ‘So does that mean she didn’t leave with him?’