She's ruled out any romance


Love Island’s Joanna Chimonides has ruled out a romance with Michael Griffiths after he was booted off the show last night.

Love Island's Joanna

Michael didn’t follow Joanna out of the villa and then did a massive U-turn when he attempted to win Amber back.

Appearing on This Morning today, Joanna said: ‘It is what it is. For me there won’t be any going back. I can’t. Strike two. I kept going on about strike one but that was the second strike.’

She went on: ‘I am just confused. I don’t know what he feels.

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Love Island

‘I think it’s hard to say he is a liar… because it is what he is feeling [but] everyone is confused with what he is feeling.’

She admitted to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that she was ‘upset’ he confessed his feelings to Amber after she left.

‘I was upset because I asked him several times if there was anything for Amber,’ she said. ‘And he said “No, there is not.”’

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It comes after Michael said he would like to give things another go with Joanna.

Speaking to The Sun, he confessed he’s hoping to win back Joanna after snubbing her when she exited the show.

He said: ‘Ultimately I am hoping Joanna will take me back, I am hoping that’s the case.

‘It’s just whether Joanna will speak to me or not. I am excited to speak to her but I don’t know how, or if, she is going to speak to me.’

The firefighter added that he would ‘totally respect’ Joanna if she told him to leave her alone, continuing: ‘I can understand why she would do that.

‘I would be upset but it’s one of those things, everyone makes mistakes.

‘I hope that I could work towards [getting back with Joanna] but if she doesn’t want to revisit it then she doesn’t want to revisit it.’

Michael also insisted that he and Amber, who was left gutted after he ditched her for Joanna after the Casa Amor challenge, left things ‘on a really good note’.