Love Island star Kem Cetinay celebrated his launch for Boohoo MAN in very high spirits, while alongside his fellow Love Island stars and girlfriend Amber Davis as they partied in London.

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Unfortunately, not everyone celebrated in the same spirit with Kem, as 2016 Love Island star Rykard Jenkins shocked Twitter fans with a picture of him covered in blood, claiming it was “Kem and the boys” who attacked him.

Rykard took to Twitter to express his views… but don’t we all?

He tweeted: “So and his boys just attacked me because apparently I was flirting with Amber.” We’re guessing Rykard isn’t Kem’s type on paper!!

It was followed with a tweet telling them [“Kem and his boys”] to “Come to my ends and we can settle it.”

“It takes more than 4 geezers punching me in the head to knock me out.”

He continued, “Honestly Kent boy through and through. Going home to the misses lucky she’s a nurse.”

Kem was quick to deny the allegations, by putting a tweet out to his fans.

” Was so amazing to spend my launch with my mum dad and close family tonight, best evening of my life, will rumours ruin it x”


In a now deleted tweet, Kem said “Because he got in a fight does not mean it’s me do I look like I can throw a punch ffs ”

Amber Davis was quick to support him too!

She tweeted, “ don’t let anyone ruin your night ❤️ you haven’t done anything wrong! Sleepy time for me and my boy xxx”

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Kem uploaded this tweet earlier this morning.

Kem looked like he was having the night of his life and celebrated with flying colours before the allegations were made, as he turned up in a Rolls Royce, smiling from ear to ear, cute!! Amber rocked a white, lace up dress to the party, looking great as always!

Following the allegations, Rykard and Kem have now both taken to social media to confirm they have managed to ease out the altercation between themselves.

Taking to Twitter, Rykard has shared a message which reads ‘Me & @KemCetinay have spoke & cleared up the misunderstanding’.

Following this, Kem has also shared a message which reads, ‘Just got off the phone to @ItsRykard we are friends just like we was before, what happened is disgusting.. I was not involved myself’.

He then followed this up with another message, writing: ‘But I will make sure it’s dealt with as it’s not acceptable and I won’t let things like that happen and ruin both me and @ItsRykard night’.

Rykard has also quote tweeted this statement from Kem, sharing a kind message which reads: ‘Appreciate it mate. You’re a good kid. Just be careful who you have around ya because you don’t want them ruining things. Love’.

Words by Natalie Bradshaw