This might surprise you...

Love Island viewers were left cringing when Laura Anderson was forced to ask ex Jack Fowler questions about HERSELF – posed by his new love Laura Crane – during the lie detector test.

But now new Laura has spilled the beans on the task and denied having any idea that Jack’s old flame would be the one asking her enquiries, something she ended up feeling pretty guilty about.

‘You know what, we’re always having such a laugh and always having so much banter in the villa that I don’t think I realised just how intense the lie detector test was going to be,’ says Laura C, 23.


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‘I also didn’t have any idea that Laura was going to be the one asking Jack the questions, so yeah there was definitely a part of me that was feeling so bad because they were both in there together.’

Fans of the show were in hysterics over how Laura A, 29, made some cutting remarks about Jack when he answered questions on her, especially when he made digs about her age and her kissing skills.

But Laura C claims that the air hostess was actually quite relaxed about the whole task and managed to joke about it afterwards.

‘We came out and Laura could laugh about it,’ Laura C – who viewers saw leave the villa with Jack, 22, on Wednesday night’s show – explains.

‘I did apologise to her, I said I was so sorry, I didn’t realise it was going to be that kind of set-up and we just laughed about it. She was absolutely fine.’

Phew! It wasn’t just the awkwardness of having Jack’s old flame pose his new love interest’s questions that caused drama with the task, as new Laura ended up in tears over Jack apparently lying when he said that he could fall in love with her.

However, Jack has denied the claims of former islanders such as Kady McDermott that the lie detector isn’t totally genuine.

‘We were told that the lie detector is a genuine one,’ the footballer says. ‘Any kind of test whether in the villa or outside in the normal world is never going to be 100% accurate, but that to my knowledge was accurate.’