Kady and Cara were not too impressed...

Love Island are set to get their first same sex girl couple in Katie and Sophie, and predictably the boys on the Island are really ‘happy’ about the whole situation.

The pair confessed they both fancied each other and ended up going on a date, despite Sophie admitting she fancied Emma-Jane.

But while they enjoyed their date, giggling and looking really happy, the boys got a little over-excited. For some reason, they seemed to feel like two women having a date had absolutely anything to do with their own sexual desires because they are still thirteen years old.

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Well Cara wasn’t exactly impressed with the boy’s behaviour: ‘The boys are annoying me a little bit because they keep going on about it. It’s wound me up so much because it’s so normal.’

And Kady agreed: ‘I was fuming with Scott. When Katie first told us she was bisexual – I was 20 seconds behind him, by the time he got to the stairs he’d already told Nathan, Terry and Alex.’


She tried to reason with the boys later on in the evening: ‘No one should put pressure on them though, just because they’re two girls people shouldn’t be getting over excited.’

Scott fired back: ‘What are you trying to say? I’ll get excited as much as I want.’

Though Kady replied: ‘You’re 28, have you not been around gay people before? It’s pathetic, it’s not real life porn, it’s people’s relationships.’

Viewers also shared their disbelief at the boy’s reaction. One even brought out the word ‘homophobia’ when talking about booted out contestant Tom Powell’s reaction to girl-he-was-seeing Sophie going on a same-sex date.

Tom wrote: ‘I’d rather Sophie go for the bird tbh…’

And a fan replied: ‘Yeah, obviously a lesbian affair doesn’t mean a thing; it’s fine; not even cheating… #LoveIsland #homophobia’

Not everyone agrees with the girls’ reasoning though:

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And there also seems to be even more rumblings that the whole relationship is FAKE and set up by the producers. People aren’t convinced that the girls are being sincere…

Were the boys of Love Island out of order with their reactions or is it not even an issue?