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We don’t know about you, but Love Island is all we can talk about RN in the Now office. The arguments, re-couplings and saucy shenanigans are just too much to miss!

However sometimes we find ourselves at a loss with what on earth they are saying…

If you’re struggling to make sense of it all too, we’ve created the ultimate guide to all the Love Island lingo – with some handy real-life examples too!

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Meaning: Someone who is an absolute donut and needs to grow a pair

Olivia: ‘You’re all a bunch of melts anyway!’


Oh no, everyone dreads to be pied! Being pied is basically to be rejected. Awks.

Chris: ‘Don’t think she’s just pied him off and I’m straight in there.’

Mugged Off 

Meaning: To get mugged off is to be taken the mick out of or used. No one wants to look ‘muggy’!

Chloe: ‘Do you know what she’s going to get mugged off.’


Meaning: Someone who is sneaking behind people’s backs for their own means

Sam: ‘Has Chris been snakey behind my back?’

Crack On

You may have seen the islanders chucking around the phrase ‘crack on’, which means to pursue your potential love interest.

Chloe: ‘Now I hear you’re cracking on with Liv.’

Salty / Sort

Someone who is very attractive. Ooh err!

Chloe: ‘I need a new guy, a salty one at that.’

Put It On Her / Him 

To ‘put it on her / him’ means to initiate a romantic encounter with the one you’re attracted too. Saucy!

Amber: ‘I’ll tell you when we can kiss. You’re not putting it on me.’


If someone is said to be being ‘extra’, they’re simply being over the top!

Olivia: ‘Why do you need to be extra about it?’


If someone is grafting you, they’re putting in the effort to win you over!

Amber: ‘Well you grafted, I’m not surprised you’re here.’

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Words: Chloe Andrews