Love Island fans think they have spotted a ‘secret feud’ between Islanders Amy Hart and Lucie Donlan, after the surfer chick refused to clap for the air hostess during last night’s reunion show.

Ex cabin crew member, Amy, took to the sofa during the ITV2 Love Island reunion last night, where she sassily told host Caroline Flack that she was ‘too busy’ for a man in her life, after she was jilted in the villa by love rat, Curtis Pritchard.

As the crowd erupted into applause over the blonde beauty’s cheeky remark, the camera panned over to stunning surfer Lucie, who was seen looking bored and refusing to clap.

Lucie, 21, and Amy, 27, were initially close pals during their early days in the villa.

But the girls’ bond quickly soured after Amy accused the self confessed ‘surfer Barbie’ of spending too much time with beau, Joe Garratt.


Lucie later left Amy in floods of tears when she brutally pummelled her with cake and ketchup as they dressed up as brides for a food fight.

After fans of the dating show spotted the awkward moment last night, hordes of them took to social media to point it out and slam Lucie’s cold demeanour.

One remarked: ‘Is Lucie f***ing serious sitting there with a face like a slapped a**e when everyone’s clapping for Amy.’

While another chipped in to slate her, writing: ‘Did anyone else see Lucie not clapping for Amy… ? What an absolute little b***h!’

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And a third added: ‘Lucie sat there not clapping and not smiling & y’all called Amy the bi***y one? #LoveIslandReunion.’

Amy’s loyal supporters continued to rally for her after she was forced to sit next to ex ‘half-boyfriend’ and his new flame, Maura Higgins, and hear all about their romance.

As the pro ballroom dancer and fiery Irish girl discussed their sex life in front of Amy, viewers raged on Twitter.

One wrote: ‘Feel sorry for Amy having to not only face Curtis & Maura together in person, but also watch them be super touchy whilst sat next to her, meeting each other’s families and talking about them having sex???’

And a second agreed, continuing: ‘Ermmmm what is the purpose of having Amy and Curtis+Maura on the sofa together? Esp after seeing how hard it was on Amy… very unnecessary and awkward.’