But will she be successful?


Despite coupling up with hunky new boy George, Love Island’s Lucie admits she still has feelings for Tommy that she just can’t shake.

On tonight’s show, the surfer has some one-on-one time with the boxer, where she confesses her true feelings for him once more.

‘I do want to get to know George but you can’t really change how you feel. I’ve known you for how many weeks now?’ she tells him after asking for a private chat.

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Tommy replies, ‘You can’t switch those things off.’

Lucie says her feelings won’t go away, adding: ‘I don’t want you to feel awkward and feel like you can’t talk to me.’

But Tommy, who seems to be head over heels for Molly-Mae, makes it clear they won’t be any more than mates.

‘Regardless of what has happened, I still want the friendship there. I don’t want to lose that.’

‘I just feel stupid because at the start I don’t know why I didn’t choose you,’ Lucie continues.

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But Lucie and Tommy’s chat hasn’t gone unnoticed by Molly-Mae. Speaking with the other girls on the swing seat, Molly-Mae says, ‘Tommy and Lucie are having a chat over there. I think she does still really like him.’

Love Island Tommy and Molly-Mae

Molly also thinks she’s been kept in the dark about Lucie’s ongoing attraction towards her man.

The influencer explains, ‘I don’t mind that she fancies him. I can’t get annoyed for someone fancying him. There are no rules about that but it’s how you go about it. Open up to me and be honest about it.’

In the Beach Hut, Molly then admits that Lucie fancying Tommy is ‘bothering’ her, but she trusts he’ll be loyal.

‘It’s very strange that I was sat with Lucie in Casa Amor and to find out she was sat there thinking about Tommy. It doesn’t worry me but obviously it bothers me,’ she shares.

With Tommy making his feelings clear, will Lucie finally now move on?

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