Woah someone has been busy!

Love Island is famously known for some seriously steamy bedroom antics and this series has been no different.

So far couples Dom Lever and Jessica Shears have hooked up, as well as Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies.


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However in Monday nights show Blazin’ Squad’s Marcel Somerville made a shock revelation during a game of Mr and Mrs.

Marcel who is happily coupled up with Gabby Allen revealed that he had slept with around 200-300 girls! Eek!

And of course fans of the show had something to say about Marcel’s bedroom shenanigans, one said: ‘Damn Marcel has slept with 300 girls #loveisland’

Whilst another said: ‘MARCEL SLEPT WITH 300 PPL LMFAOOOOOOOOO #LoveIsland’

A third added: ‘How can your body count be between 200-300 ffs #LoveIsland’

However Gabby seemed unfazed by Marcel’s, erm, experience, and the couple won the task resulting in a date for the pair.

When Gabby questioned Marcel about his saucy past, Marcel simply replied: ‘It’s not the life I chose, it’s the life that chose me.’

The couple seem to be going from strength to strength and are becoming firm fan favourites with one viewer tweeting: ‘Gabby & Marcel are my favourite they are the cutest #LoveIsland’

They’ve even gained some celebrity fans including last year’s contestant Rykard Jenkins who tweeted: ‘Hoping Gabby & Marcel get stronger throughout the series #LoveIsland’

At the end of Monday nights show it was revealed that the viewers get to choose their favourite couples to stay in the villa, meanwhile the couple with the least votes will be booted off the show.

We predict Marcel & Gabby are in it for the long haul.

Watch this space!

Words: Chloe Andrews