Get excited! This new Islander is a scorcher...

After we FINALLY found out the start date of this year’s Love Island, it’s time to meet the class of 2017.

And trust us when we say – it’s going to be a GREAT year.

So who’s one of the first confirmed Islanders? Well you might recognise this star from his musical past as Marcel Somerville used to be in Blazin’ Squad. 

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Yup. Get excited noughties teens because this former pop star has totally buffed-up and he’s definitely ready to make a splash in the LI villa.

This LI hopeful is getting us all hot under the collar (ITV)

After hitting the big time with his nine other bandmates back in 2002, the Crossroads singer is now a DJ and producer of his own music label. Impressive right?

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Describing himself as ‘confident, generous, and lovely’, this London-born lad isn’t short of self-assurance and admits ‘girls love him’ because he’s got ‘an all-round’ personality. Whatever one of those is…

Rocky B with his Blazin Squad pals back in the day (PA images)

But the Love Island ladies better watch out because this Lothario admits he’s a bit of a heartbreaker and once dated eight girls at once… Yup, that’s right – EIGHT!

‘I’m not a player but I do like to be single,’ the 32-year-old confesses.

‘I stay single because I don’t want to break hearts but I do end up breaking them by mistake sometimes. It’s quite hard.

So what kind of woman could finally tame this self-proclaimed ladies man?

Well, he’s definitely sure what he doesn’t like and that’s an argumentative suitor, as arrogance is Marcel’s biggest turn-off.

‘I don’t mind confidence – in fact, I love it’, he says.

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‘But I don’t like arrogance. It’s a fine line. If someone thinks they’re too good, that’s a turn-off for me.’

Although not all hope of a love match is lost as it turns out this heartthrob DOES have a soft side and admits all he’s really looking for is a big smile. AW.

So while Marcel gets packing his teeniest-tiniest swimming shorts ready for a summer of fun, romance and hopefully a load of drama, excuse us while we go and play Flip Reverse on repeat…