Cover your eyes, Amy!

In last night’s episode of Love Island, the devastation of heartbreak finally proved too much for Amy Hart, with the air hostess leaving the villa.

After deciding to bring her time on Love Island to an end so that she could be away from ex half-boyfriend Curtis, the 26-year-old announced the news to her fellow Islanders in an emotional speech.

Despite the fact she sat in floods of tears as Amy declared her departure, feisty Irish girl Maura didn’t waste any time in cracking on with pro dancer, Curtis after Amy had upped and left.

The fiery bombshell confessed her hidden feelings for Curtis earlier in the week, leaving Amy baffled.

In tonight’s show, viewers will watch as Maura pounces on Curtis for a snog in a very raunchy moment.


Molly-Mae receives a text reading: ‘Islanders. Tonight, you will get each other’s hearts racing in a boys vs girls challenge. #dirtydancing #bringontheflutters.’

In the spicy challenge, the boys will wear heart rate monitors while each girl performs a dance routine. Once each girl has had the opportunity to dance, the boys will then do the same for the girls.

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It will then be revealed which boy got which girl’s heart racing the most and vice versa. Finally, it will be determined whether the boys or girls heart rates increased the most and which team reigned supreme in tonight’s challenge.

As Maura spots her opportunity to make a move on Curtis, she tells the Beach Hut camera: ‘I’ve got a bit of a plan up my sleeve. I just can’t wait to get to Curtis!’

As she struts out sporting a skin tight devil costume, Maura proceeds to give Curtis a lap dance, before planting a cheeky snog on his lips.