Viewers didn't like Michael's tone with Amber


Love Island viewers were left calling for Michael to be booted out of the villa after he spoke to Amber like ‘a dog’ last night.

Fans took to social media in a rage after the latest instalment of villa drama which saw the fire fighter tell his former flame Amber to ‘sit down’ before telling her he had no interest in rekindling their romance.

Pulling the 21-year-old Newcastle girl for a chat, Michael ordered: ‘Amber, sit down for us. Sit down.’

Feisty Irish girl Maura then gasped in shock, remarking: ‘Did she just let him talk to her like that? Sit down? That was really rude.’

As viewers witnessed the moment, hordes took to Twitter to express their anger over Michael’s behaviour.


One penned: ‘Michael needs to be kicked out the villa, how can he get away with talking to people like that?’

While another chipped in: ‘How can Michael approach Amber and just say “sit down. Is she a dog??’ and a third agreed, writing: ‘How Amber just didn’t turn round and have deck Michael for the way he just spoke to her shows just how mature she is! No one should be spoken to like a dog #loveisland.’

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Michael was left single in the villa after his partner Joanna was dumped from the Islander earlier this week.

Despite Amber’s hopes that she may be able to move back in on her romance with Michael, he proceeded to shut down any potential of the spark being reignited between them.

He said: ‘I am still ultimately in the same place where I want to get to known Joanna. I just wanted to be 100 per cent clear.’