Viewers weren't sympathetic of Lucie's meltdown

Love Island fans took to social media last night to slate surf chick Lucie for ‘ruining’ Tommy and Molly-Mae’s special moment.

Love Island Molly Tommy Lucie

Pro boxer Tommy decided the time was right to ask the stunning influencer to be his girlfriend and staged a totally adorable proposal during yesterday’s episode.

After writing a mega sweet note and attaching it to 20-year-old Molly’s stuffed elephant toy, Elly-Belly, Tommy, also 20, took the blonde beauty up to the terrace to pop the big question.

Airing his feelings, the hunky sportsman announced: ‘On a serious note, you know how much you mean to me and you’re the only girl for me.

‘I only want to be with you. Therefore, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?’


Love Island Molly Tommy Lucie

As Molly excitedly accepted the offer to make things official, the rest of the Islanders stood in the shape of a love heart and applauded the cute moment from the grass below.

Despite the majority of the villa seeming pleased for the couple, later in the programme, Lucie, who previously confessed to having feelings for Tommy, was seen sobbing in the bathroom.

As villa lad Jordan comforted her with a hug, viewers took to social media to hit back at the model’s display of emotions.

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Love Island Molly Tommy Lucie

One claimed that Lucie was ruining Tommy’s romantic gesture, Tweeting: ‘When Tommy and Molly Mae make it official, only for Lucie to ruin their special moment by crying for the 100th time #LoveIsland.’

Love Island Molly Tommy Lucie

While another ranted: ‘Tommy asking Molly-Mae to be his girlfriend felt like a borderline proposal and was beautiful and gorgeous and just everything, and that b*** Lucie has to be lurking in the background trying to ruin things BACK OFF B**** DON’T RUIN THIS #girlbye #Loveisland.’

A third said: ‘CAN NOT stand people like Lucie that can’t be happy for other people’s happiness.’

Love Island Molly Tommy Lucie

And one more pointed out that Lucie had already lost her chance to crack on with Tommy: ‘Wasn’t Lucie the one that said no to Tommy first? She chose Joe over him. You’ve made your bed, lie in it.’