Last month stars of Love Island Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde split. But 
it wasn’t the end. She was pregnant and he was keeping quiet. Until now...

When Now speaks 
to star of Love Island Nathan Massey three days after his ex-girlfriend Cara De La Hoyde revealed she’s expecting their baby he is, by his agent’s admission, on edge.

Understandably so, as just weeks before 26-year-old Cara’s pregnancy bombshell she and Nathan, 24, confirmed their eight-month relationship 
was over – for good.

Less than a year after winning Love Island, Cara moved out of their Essex flat and left Nathan to deal with the reality that he’ll soon be a dad.

Not long after, occasional TOWIE star Nathan jetted 
off for some sun, sand and recuperation. It seems a planned family holiday couldn’t have come at a better time.

As any parent will tell you, Nathan and Cara’s lives are about to change drastically and although Nathan insists there’s no going back – ‘I don’t believe in a baby holding a relationship together’ – he’s determined to be the best possible father.

But how does Nathan really feel about bringing a baby 
into a broken home, and what about the almost inevitable eventuality of Cara getting 
into another relationship? 
In his first interview since finding out he’s going to be 
a dad, Nathan answers all of the questions we need to ask…

Hi Nathan! Where are you 
right now?
I’m in Portugal on a 
family holiday.

Was the trip planned or 
a last-minute thing?
It’s been planned for a while.

Who are you there with?
I’m with my auntie, my sister and my sister’s boyfriend.

I guess you’re aware of the reaction your news has created back home…
It has been a big reaction, 
but I’m really surprised and grateful about how good people have been.

Did you know Cara was 
doing an interview [to announce her pregnancy]?
We discussed how we wanted to announce the news. It makes sense for us to be honest and open about it.

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Does she know you’re doing this interview?
I’m just getting my point across. I’m sure she 
doesn’t mind.

So how did you find out Cara was pregnant?
I’d just returned from a trip away and when I walked in she said: ‘You’d better sit down, I’ve got some news.’ 
I wasn’t expecting it to be a baby whatsoever. She said: ‘We’re going to have a baby.’ It was 
a shock, as you can imagine, even though it’s the most natural thing in life, having children. It was a bit emotional. We spoke about it.

What was your initial reaction?
Like I said, I was shocked. I left the flat to walk and reflect on what was going on, and then 
we talked it through. I didn’t really know how I was feeling 
at the time as we’d been going through a lot those past few weeks. It’s happening now and it’s something we’ve got to deal with. We’re both adults; we can deal with our responsibilities while trying to stay friends.

What contraception were 
you using?
We weren’t using contraception but she was on the Pill.

Did you discuss not having the baby at any point?
That was never a question. 
A baby’s been created 
and, whether or not our relationship was working, 
that was never considered.

Did one of you want one thing and another something else?
It didn’t cross my mind, or hers, to be honest. I’m pretty sure it will be perfect in the long run. It’s nobody’s fault and it’s happened and we just have to deal with it. Cara will be an amazing mum.

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Did you question whether having a baby could hold you together?
I don’t believe in a baby holding a relationship together. I’d rather bring a baby up in an atmosphere where it’s civil between the parents. I don’t want to bring a baby into the world and into a relationship that isn’t working. Both parents should get on with each other and get on with their lives. 
It’s a better life for the child. 
I want it to be the best environment for the baby.

Did you ever imagine expecting your first child 
in this situation?
Look, it’s just one of those things. If I’m honest, I’m an 
old- fashioned person and I would’ve imagined being married before starting a family. But that’s not how it turned out and I’m going to be the best father I can be.

How had your relationship changed over course of 
the year?
Nothing bad happened; we were very loyal to each other. We were just in each other’s pockets too much. We worked together, too – I don’t think anybody could do it! We had the best year of our lives with each other. She’s a blinding girl, but 
it didn’t work out.

Did you get caught up in the hype surrounding Love Island?
We definitely liked each other and they were genuine feelings. There was no hype and nobody pushed us together. Being together so much just got 
on top of us.

What kind of relationship do you want with Cara now?
Neither of us did anything wrong and I just want us to be great parents to the kid. I don’t want remorse. My kid could potentially be growing up with another man, and that hurts 
a little bit. I don’t think any man would like that situation, but it’s one of those things. 
As long as the guy treats Cara
 and the baby with respect, then things will be fine.

How are things between you and Cara right now?
Time’s a healer; we’ve just 
split up so it’s a bit awkward between us right now. I think in a few months we’ll meet up and discuss what we’re going to do and what plans we’ve got.

How did it feel seeing her 
with a bump?
It put a bit of a lump in my throat, I’m not going to lie. It took my breath away and took me back a little bit. She looks well and she carries it really well, so good luck to her.

Are you worried about co-parenting?
As long as it stays civil between us I don’t think there’ll be 
a problem. It happens to millions of people around the world – it just so happens that we’re in the spotlight. I don’t think there’ll be an issue. We got on before and now that we won’t see each other so much, 
I think we’ll get on like a house on fire. I think she’d love the dad to be in the baby’s life.

How are you going to make sure you earn enough to support the baby?
I’m going to be a dad now, 
so I’ve got man up and take responsibility. It doesn’t matter what I do – I’ll always have money to fend for my child, even if it means going back to work on the building site seven days a week, like I used to, to give my child a good life. I think Cara will bring it up well. I had a good life growing up, but 
I want it to have 
an even better life.

Your friends 
Alex [Bowen] and Olivia [Buckland] are getting married – is that bittersweet for you?
I don’t think like that – I’m not a hater. If people get on in life I wish them all the best. They genuinely like each other, so 
good luck to them. I’ll be there at 
the wedding, supporting them. 
It just didn’t work between me and Cara so there’s 
no point feeling bittersweet. You’ve just got to take life 
as it comes.

Have they 
taken sides?
If it was a bad break-up there would be sides, but it wasn’t. We 
all keep in touch. Everyone’s just being there for both of us. 
I think we’ll be 
civil with each other, and maybe friends 
in the future, but obviously things are fresh right now.

Will you be dating while 
Cara’s pregnant?
No. I’d rather keep everything sweet – she’s carrying our baby. 
I just want to make sure everything runs smoothly and 
I don’t want to rub anybody up the wrong way. I want to keep things as civil as I can.

What do your parents think 
of the news?
It was a big shock because obviously Cara and me were having problems. My mum and dad are fully supporting us. They’re an old-fashioned couple but they just want us both to be happy. They don’t want any hostility and they want to be in the child’s life; they just want it to run smoothly as possible. They’ve just been there for me.

What do you really think will happen after the baby arrives?
It’s going to be a beautiful baby and I think Cara and me will be the best parents we can be, and hopefully things between us will stay friendly.