Did these two train together?


Love Island has been hit by even MORE ‘fix’ claims after a photo emerged which seemingly suggests Jack Fowler and new Laura Crane actually knew each other before the show.

Love Island jack laura

The pair coupled up last week – y’know after Jack dumped old Laura to pursue the Bristol-born babe – and they’re getting on pretty well.


But now the Islanders appear to have been snapped alongside each other in an advert for David Lloyd gym – despite the fact they haven’t mentioned anything to their pals in the villa.

In the photo, shared on Twitter by some eagle-eyed viewers, a woman who looks a lot like Laura can be seen doing sprints while footie player Jack, 22, is next to her doing mini hurdles.

‘OK wait, what? Laura and Jack already knew each other? #LoveIsland #LoveIslandAftersun,’ one fan wrote next to the photo which then racked up more than 300 likes in a matter of hours.

But most viewers were totally divided over whether the blonde on the left is actually 22-year-old Laura.

‘So new Jack and new Laura already knew of each other and trained together’, wrote one fan.

While another pondered: ‘Is that actually Laura or a random blond women…’

And a third added: ‘I’m sorry but can love island just throw the spanner in the works and tell everyone Megan and Alex know each other and now jack and Laura!!!!’

ITV have since claimed that the girl in the photo is NOT Laura. That settles that, then!

This isn’t the first time fans have uncovered some hidden connections among the Love Island stars, as a photo emerged last week of Megan Barton Hanson and Alexandra Cane before they went on the show.

Although they have seemingly met before, neither ladies acknowledged each other when Alexandra, 27, entered the villa, which caused a load of fans to question the bizarre friendship.

Anyone else confused? Us too…