These new additions to the villa have certainly proved popular


Love Island might be drawing to an end but some new additions to the villa have seriously shaken things up – and many viewers have already tipped one of them to win!

Don’t fear, the Islanders haven’t been joined by more sexy guys and girls intent on breaking up the established couples. Instead they were given electronic babies to care for and the pretend tots soon became stars in their own right.


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Several of the dolls have already landed their own Twitter accounts, including recently dumped Sam Gowland and Georgia Harrison’s baby Star Sign and Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt’s imaginatively named Jamie Jr.

But it was Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood’s pretend offspring Cash who stole fans’ hearts and has already racked up a whopping 22k followers. Not bad for an electronic doll…

So far Cash’s account has had Twitter users in stitches with his jokey Tweets including ‘lowkey wish camilla was my mum’ and ‘getting a DNA test, what if muggy mike is my actual dad??’. LOLs.

In fact Cash has proved so popular that his new fanbase have suggested he should be the shock WINNER of Love Island.

‘Cash Hughes for the damn win,’ one Tweeter wrote, whilst another said: ‘Petition for Cash Hughes to win the show #loveisland’

Others have called for Chris and Cash to couple up and be victorious together. Yes, this is actually happening over a doll.

Cash’s popularity seemed to grow after viewers watched Chris get emotional about being a pretend parent to him.

The farmer was seen welling up as he told Liv how ‘cute’ it was for them to have a kid.

‘Why am I crying?’ he said as he wiped away tears. ‘It’s cos I care about the baby!’

Meanwhile Olivia looked on and told him to ‘get it together’.

Sadly for fans of Cash and his fellow tots the baby task is now over, but it looks like they’ll still be keeping us amused on Twitter!