The reality star has defended her fiancé's latest Insta pic

Our Love Island lady Olivia Buckland is no stranger when it comes to speaking her mind.

So when her fiancé and reality co-star Alex Bowen came under fire for one of his latest selfies, the 23-year-old was not about to take the comments lying down.

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Brummy-born, Alex showed off his brand new set of teeth last week after deciding to treat himself to some shiny veneers – and why not?

Uploading a snap of his gnashers on Instagram, the tattooed star wrote: ‘Massive thank you to @ask_the_dentist for giving me my dream smile.’

But unfortunately some of the star’s 1.1 million followers weren’t a fan of his bright while smile, and went on to criticise Alex in a BIG way.

One fan ranted: ‘I LOVED your teeth. They were what made you so gorgeous and were so unique to you. I’m gutted. But you still look hot. Just a bit more generic sadly!’

And this obviously didn’t down too well with Olivia who has now admitted the comments ‘really angered’ her.

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‘Some people commented, saying he looked “generic” after he posted a selfie on Instagram. It really angered me,’ Liv wrote in her new! magazine column.

Explaining the reason behind her fiancé’s decision to get the dental procedure, she continued: ‘He’s always felt insecure about his teeth but hasn’t stopped smiling since he got his new ones.

‘I hated seeing bad comments under the photo, so I went through 400 of them and deleted all the horrible ones.’

Alex has been showing off his brand new teeth on holiday in Rome [Instagram]

Aw how sweet is that? But despite being fully supportive of Alex’s transformation, Olivia does have some reservations about getting her own teeth done as she added: ‘I had veneers done a few weeks ago, but I’ve had them taken off because I’m having some changes made. I want them to be perfect.

‘If you’re considering getting them done, be warned – it’s so hard to eat afterwards. I couldn’t bit into a crisp or a crust of bread.

‘And when I tried to eat soup, it kept dribbling out of my mouth because it was numb and I couldn’t feel it. So attractive, ha ha!’ LOL.

We’re pretty sure these two are going to have the whitest teeth in Essex.