The former Love Island contestant left the villa after three days!


Former Love Island contestant Ollie Williams has slammed ITV bosses, claiming they ‘assassinated his character’ by portraying him as a villain on-screen.

The 23-year-old, who left the villa after three days after realising he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend Laura Nofer, who he is now back together with, said show bosses left him feeling ‘paranoid’ about how he was being portrayed.

‘Looking at the stories coming out about me and all the complaints ITV were getting I think they portrayed me as a grumpy snob on purpose – I think I would have been the first person voted off,’ he told The Sun.

‘When I came out and saw the way that I was portrayed – this grumpy, moody bloke I was so shocked as that wasn’t who I was.

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‘I was having an absolute ball the whole time. It was a complete misrepresentation of who I was in there. From watching it my parents were worried that I was depressed.’

Drama surrounded Ollie before he even entered the villa after photos were published of him posing beside a dead warthog – which sparked 500 Ofcom complaints from viewers. He has since apologised for the photos, insisting they were taken as part of a sustainable conservation programme in Mozambique.


However, it was one game played on the ITV2 show that Ollie says completely ‘vilified’ him after it was claimed he cheated on an ex nine times!

He added: ‘I was absolutely vilified in one game where it was claimed I cheated on an ex nine times.

‘I just thought ‘This is ridiculous as I was coming across as a bell end.’ I don’t know where they got that from, it’s not true.

‘I thought if they could do that, what else could they be doing behind my back. I started to feel a bit paranoid at that point.

‘When I saw my introductory VT I said, “that is not me’” they actually made me say, “I’m the heir to the Lanhydrock Estate” I would never introduce myself as that.

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‘They treat you like a rock star and it was a fun day. But they completely character assassinated me from day dot.’

Warning future Love Island hopefuls, he added: ‘My warning to other contestants is that you risk your personality being portrayed as they like.’