Love Island star Anton Danyluk has revealed that his co-star Ovie Soko secretly left the villa to go and play basketball.

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According to Anton, the 28-year-old professional basketball player repeatedly demanded to be released from the villa so he could keep up his training.

Eventually, producers caved to Ovie’s request and let him out to practice the sport.

During the ‘Love Island: Under The Duvet’ interview on Heat’s Youtube channel, Anton and his girlfriend Belle Hassan were quizzed about who was the most demanding Islander.

Dishing the inside details, gym owner Anton, 24, revealed: ‘Ovie wanted a basketball.’

The Scottish hunk’s villa bae, Belle Hassan chipped in to add that Ovie was given permission to go off camera and play.


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‘He had to really whinge for it, but he got it. After a lot of moaning, [the producers] came through,’ she said.

Anton continued to explain how the show bosses even created a make shift basketbet court in the villa, saying: ‘It was in front of the garden, they would just bring it out at lunchtime or whatever.’

Belle went on to spill that fiery Irish bombshell Maura Higgins also had her fare share of demands.

‘Maura, she is a bit demanding. She needs a cigarette…she is always demanding for something. She is always moaning “Curtis! Curtis!”’

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The loved up pair also explained why many eagle eyed viewers had spotted McFlurry ice cream pots knocking around the villa, confessing that the cast would be given McDonald’s deliveries as a treat.

‘We had a few of them, we needed that,’ Belle said.

While fitness fanatic Anton made sure to mention that he had mostly laid off the calorie laden meals while the others tucked in regularly.

‘I think it was about once a week or something you guys were getting them.

‘I had a few chicken nuggets here and there but I was trying to watch [my weight].’