Some fans were loving Rebecca's patch...


Last night’s episode of Love Island saw another gorgeous bombshell thrown into the mix, in the form of Rebecca Gormley.

Rebecca Gornley

Credit: Getty

The sizzling hot Geordie model and former Miss Newcastle strutted into the South African villa, dropping the jaws of the girls and boys alike.

But over on social media, viewers of the show were busy discussing a small patch spotted on Rebecca’s leg.

While some were convinced the plaster-like square stuck to Rebecca’s leg was a nicotine patch used to quit smoking.

‘This Rebecca b***h has not got a niccotine patch on her thigh hahahaahahahah,’ one laughed.

‘Rebecca is flat out stunning, but was that a nicotine patch on the top of her thigh? #LoveIsland,’ asked a second.

‘Rebecca deffo has a nicotine patch on her leg 😂,’ declared a third.

‘Can someone please tell me if this plaster on Rebecca’s leg is a nicotine patch? #LoveIsland,’ pleaded another.

Meanwhile, other Tweeters shared that the mystery sticker could be a method of contraception, with lots praising the brunette beauty for wearing it openly.

‘I love Rebecca wearing her contraceptive patch (I think?) on her thigh like that. Go on my son #LoveIsIand,’ read one applauding post.

‘Rebecca repping the Evra patch! underrated contraceptive that mind! #loveisland,’ added a second.

‘Look at Rebecca wearing her contraceptive patch on show on live TV. Gowan b***h, being protected from unplanned pregnancy is #hot,’ declared a third.

Relating to the issue of the patch being displayed in swimwear, one more poster playfully chipped in, ‘Rebecca with her Evra patch 😂 I hear them bikini struggles loud #LoveIsIand.’

During the debate, other viewers were too obsessed with 21-year-old Rebecca’s age to notice, finding it impossible to believe she isn’t years older.

‘Rebecca is not 21.. we need to see that birth certificate,’ one hilariously wrote, while another penned, ‘Rebecca looks like a 40 something year old well off housewife who takes pride in her appearance. 21? Definitely not.’