Love Island star Rosie Williams has clapped back at fans who slated her freckly skin in a recent Instagram upload.

Love Island Rosie

Credit: Getty

The former lawyer, who shot to fame when she caused a stir in the 2018 series of Love Island, is currently living the high life on a sun soaked getaway to Mexico with her businessman boyfriend, Wayne Davies.

Capturing some fab looking moments from the holiday, the Welsh reality star took to Instagram, sharing a stunning photograph of herself dolled up for a date night.

Rosie then posted a snap of her and Wayne holding hands on a rose petal covered table beside her Christian Louboutin bag and a bottle of champagne. Casual.


Beneath the lavish looking images, some followers began pointing out Rosie’s freckly skin, penning mean comments such as, ‘Oh noooo too much sun damage,’ and, ‘Your hands look old 🤔

Unfazed by the haters, Rosie hit back with a stunnig make-up free selfie, showing her bare skin and looking almost unrecognisable.

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Captioning the gorgeously natural pic, she cheekily wrote, ‘...to those who made a comment yesterday – FRECK OFF! 😽’

Taking to the comment section, hordes of Rosie’s loyal fans swooned over the photo, praising her fresh-faced look.

One gushed, ‘Omg yes to freckles AMAZING 💕😩,’ while another added, ‘You’re so gorgous, i really think your freckles are cute and totally make you look gorgous with them or without them. 💖

Hilariously, a third pointed out those trolling Rosie were simply green with envy over her unique features, writing, ‘All the people that commented about your freckles probably used the Insta filter that gives you freckles 😂 it’s just jealousy.’