The Love Island romance continues...

If there were ever doubts that people can really fall in love on TV, this batch of Love Island contestants have certainly turned them completely around.

A couple in particular that had the full backing of the public was Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott, who – after their fair share of rocky patches – finished the show in third place.

Now a week back in the real world, a new interview has confirmed that they’re just as wrapped up in each other as they were on the show – and some major developments have already happened, including planning their family!

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When asked if they wanted children in the future, the bronze medal finalists made it very clear that they did – and have even picked out their names!

SHOCKED reaction GIF olivia wilde‘We’ve already chosen our children’s names,’ Kady told OK! ‘For a boy we like Noah and for a girl we want Skye. We want a boy and a girl.’

THAT kids convo? Less than two months after meeting? How very romantic!

‘Two children would be ideal,’ Scott continues. ‘My brothers [twin Adam Thomas of Emmerdale, and older bro Ryan Thomas, formerly of Coronation Street] are amazing dads and some day I’d love to follow in their footsteps.’

CUTE. Though they’re not planning on adding mini-Scadys to the mix any time soon, the fact that they’ve started discussing it bodes well.

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And, in case you were wondering, the big L word has now indeed been said. Scott admitted that though they felt that way towards each other while in the villa, their worry about sceptical views from the public kept them from saying it aloud. ‘Six weeks in there is like six months in reality,’ the 27-year-old explained.

‘We didn’t want to say it on camera because people wouldn’t have believed it was genuine, but we know how we feel.’

But now that they’re back in reality, they can declare their love as often as they want – and from the looks of things, that’ll be pretty darn often.

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