It really is heating up in there...

Love Island producers are being accused of fixing a lesbian love affair between Sophie Gradon and Emma-Jane Woodham in order to create the biggest twist the show has seen.

While the sexual tension between the two is palpable, fans are getting a bit suspicious at how convenient the match is for ITV. Sophie Gradon has previously had two lesbian relationships, but has been romancing with Tom Powell throughout the show.

However, Tom’s ex Emma has entered the villa and now they’re spending a lot of time together. That’s some kind of miraculous love drama going on there.

And last night thing’s heated up even more as the pair shared a hottub with champagne together. If that doesn’t scream sexual tension, we don’t know what does.




Sophie told Emma: ‘Who would have thought I’d be sat in the hot tub with Tom’s ex, getting on well with her?’

She replied: ‘I know, it’s such a strange situation to be thrown into, the three of us under one roof. You wouldn’t get that in any circumstance.’



But a very popular tweet has suggested something different: ‘Anyone else think the #loveisland producers are trying there hardest to get Sophie and Emma to hook up [sic.]’

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But while there is suspicion, EVERYONE seems to be into this idea: ‘Deffo think that Emma and Sophie would be a better couple than Tom and Sophie’

Yeah, we ship them WAY too much to care if it’s fixed or not…