Michael's changed his mind AGAIN


In tonight’s episode of Love Island drama, fans will watch as Michael finally airs his true feelings to jilted former flame Amber, after days of snubbing her in favour of Joanna.

Having categorically told the 21-year-old Newcastle girl that he wasn’t interested in rekindling their romance and cracking on with stunning bombshell Joanna instead, tonight the fire fighter is set to do a huge U-turn.

The 27-year-old hunk was seen looking devastated when Joanna was dumped from the Island earlier this week, but it now seems that her absence has triggered a change in his opinion of Amber.

In last night’s show, he was heard telling the rest of the villa lads about his change of heart, saying: ‘Now Joanna’s gone, it’s given me time to think about things and I realised I do like Amber.


‘I feel like I need to do myself a favour and tell her and let her know.’

In the upcoming villa update, Michael and Amber sit together for a chat around the fire pit when Michael confesses: ‘The situation that I am in now has given me time to clarify a few things in my head. It’s given me time to think and realise “I do like Amber”. I can only apologise about how I was over the last few weeks. I’m just letting you know that I do still like you.’

Feeling confused by the drastic difference in Michael’s attitude, Amber hits back: ‘I don’t get it. If you liked me the whole time, why would you do that?’ before asking: ‘Would you still have done this if she [Joanna] was still here?’

Michael says: ‘Yes. I would have to have this conversation. I knew that I still liked you. I just kept denying it to myself.’

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Reflecting on her ex’s shock admission in the Beach Hut, Amber announces: ‘I actually cannot believe what is happening! I cannot believe Michael of all people, pushed his pride to the side and said how he really felt.’

That evening, news of another recoupling is dropped on the Islanders, with Maura receiving a text saying: ‘Tonight, there will be a recoupling in which the girls will choose which boy they want to couple up with. #manofthemoment.’

Will Amber choose to recouple with Michael or take a chance on new boy Greg after their romantic date in yesterday’s show?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2