Ex On the Beach AND Geordie Shore!?

No guy on Love Island is lacking experience with girls, but newbie Troy has a tad more than the rest: he was caught in a three-way love triangle with Kayleigh from Ex On the Beach and Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore!

So, he’s used to a reality TV love drama or two.

The 23-year-old is heading into the villa on Friday and his experience with the Geordie Shore babe might just give him the upper-hand, considering he cheated on her with Kayleigh! Imagine. The. Drama.

He said: ‘I was speaking to Marnie from Geordie Shore and she is a lovely but, because I’m a bit greedy I was speaking to Kayley from Ex at the same time.

‘[when they found out] It didn’t go down well to be honest. I’m ssweet with Marnie now, we speak on a friend level but yeah. It didn’t go down too well.’




Considering how every Geordie Shore girl does NOT back down when something like this comes out, we do feel the tiniest bit of sympathy for the lad.

And on Marnie coming out as bisexual, he had this really insightful thing to say: ‘I dunno. I just hope it wasn’t me that sent her that way.’

Even if your penis was the centre of the universe mate, t’s not how things work.

But that’s not the only drama he’ll be causing. Not only did he say he doesn’t ‘really care who is coupled up… there’s no restrictions’ (sure the other boys will be happy about that), he’s singled one girl out that he wants to avoid at all costs.

‘I think Katie is fit but I probably wouldn’t couple up with her as she’d probably do my nut in.

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‘She is psycho, man. She’s fit but I don’t think I could cope with all that. Wouldn’t put up with any of that.’

The London lad might be in a bit of trouble.