Looks like this storyline is starting to annoy a lot of people!

Tonight’s Love Island was certainly steamy – with a big slice of confusion added in. It must be a hard life being Olivia Attwood – she’s got gorgeous Chris Hughes and Mike Thalassitis both chasing after her and isn’t sure which one to choose. Big eye roll.

At the start of tonight’s show viewers saw Olivia – who’s currently coupled up with Mike – having a big, big flirt with ex-flame Chris, who she was forced to ditch earlier in the week when Mike chose to couple up with her.


Flirting with Chris out of sight of Mike, the two leaned into each other.

Chris then said to Olivia: “I want to kiss you on the lips. Just one kiss on the lips. Can I do that?”

Chris is certainly into Liv

Olivia then asked him jokingly:

“Do you want to have sex?”

Olivia ended up in bed with Mike, but in the morning, the flirting continued, as Chris told Olivia that he would “love to wake up” next to her.

Olivia headed to the Beach Hut where she ‘fessed up that she’s in a complete pickle over the situation.

She said: “I had a wobble last night, a little bit. Basically, my life’s a mess, just to recap.  Just to round it off, life is a mess, as per.”

Later on in the show Chris told Liv: “I want to f*** the back end off you.”


And things got even more complicated when Mike walked in on a close moment between Liv and Chris. Liv was sitting on Chris’ lap in the bedroom when Mike walked into the room before Liv jumped up.

Did Mike see what was going on?

But things got even more complicated later when Mike and Olivia then had an intimate chat about sex – with Liv revealing she’d not had sex “in months”.

Mike later explained in the Beach Hut.

“For me it’s hard because I don’t know if anything’s getting said or stuff’s going on behind my back, but I try not to think about it too much.

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“I am expecting it’s not going to be plain sailing, I’ll have to look over my shoulder with him, but if something like that does happen and he tries to pull Liv and edge back in there, I’ll just have to see Liv’s reaction.”

Needless to say, viewers are pretty outspoken when it comes to the situation! And it seem that the verdict is mostly that they’re BORED of all this toing and froing by Olivia.

The public has spoken… Liv, make your mind up, lady!