Many fans aren’t happy with the contestants' behaviour


Love Island never shies away from showing EVERYTHING the Islanders get up to, having aired the first sex scenes of the series this week.

It’s no surprise then that the racy show has now come under fire from viewers who’ve complained about it to Ofcom – but it’s NOT because of the steamy bedroom antics.


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Instead fans have been getting annoyed by the smoking and swearing that the cast regularly indulge in during downtime at the villa, with many ranting about it on social media.

‘Last #LoveIsland tweet tonight and it’s maybe a wee bit controversial but the smoking is unattractive,’ one watcher wrote on Twitter.

Another wrote: ‘What is it with everyone on #LoveIsland smoking? Such a turn off’

As for the swearing, Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood are proving to be particularly controversial.

One viewer Tweeted: ‘why does every word that comes out of chris’s mouth the f word?! stop swearing at people you d*** #loveisland’

‘STOP SWEARING OLIVIA THAT IS SO NOT NECESSARY!!!! #loveisland,’ a fellow watcher fumed.

This seems to be irking fans more than the fact that two couples got frisky in the villa on Tuesday night’s show.

Jessica Shears and Dom Lever hooked up during their night in the hideaway together, whilst Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay did the deed in the communal bedroom (under the covers, obvs).

The show has previously drawn criticism over its saucy sex scenes, with THAT romp between Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams in last year’s series sparking seven complaints from viewers.

Despite some watchers getting annoyed, this year’s shenanigans clearly didn’t offend too much as this week’s sex-filled episode drew in a record number of viewers.

A whopping 1.5million fans tuned in to see the couples get jiggy – blimey.

And with several weeks still to go, there’s bound to be more action between the sheets – as well as smoking and swearing – to get everyone talking!