Love Island fans put two and two together!

Love Island viewers were left in disbelief last night when they worked out that contestant Yewande Biala hasn’t had sex in four years.

Yewande Biala

The super intelligent scientist headed out to enjoy a romantic date with hunky newcomer, Danny Williams, last night.


As the Irish beauty swooned over 21-year-old model Danny from Hull, the pair discussed their mutual love of Chinese food AND opened up about their dating history.

Unlucky in love Yewande revealed that she had been single for the past four years.

In a previous challenge, the Science wiz also confessed that she had only ever had sex with one person.

Love Island viewers were quick to put two and two together, using the information to compute that Yewande can’t have got steamy with a partner for four years.

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Hordes of fans flocked to social media to speculate over the 23-year-old’s sex life, with many in shock at the discovery.

One penned: ‘Wait, Yewande’s been single for four years and has only slept with one person. Has she not had sex in four years???’ while another piped up to add: ‘Yewande hasn’t had sex in four years then?’

Meanwhile, some Tweeters were refusing to believe that Yewande could have gone four years without any action in the bedroom, with one wondering if she had been reuniting with her ex.

They wrote: ‘Single for four years with a body count of one. Yewande has deffo been hitting up her ex for sex. There’s no way she’s gone four years without.’

Later in the episode, social media influencer, Molly-Mae admitted she had set her sights on new boy Danny, despite the fact Yewande had confessed to feeling a connection with him, leaving fans furious.

One vented: ‘Molly Mae stay in your lane and stop jumping on every new person!!!’

Another angrily slated Molly for disoveying the unwritten rules of girl code and going for Yewande’s crush, remarking: ‘No girl code whatsoever Molly-Mae is a snake.’