And the drama continues...


Did you really think that, now Love Island is over, all the contestants were going to live happily every after? Of course not!

And a certain islander is making sure that the drama continues outside the villa…

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Mike Thalassitis, more commonly known as Muggy Mike, caused a BIT of a stir on the show when he entered the villa not once, but twice.

And it looks like the footballer doesn’t want to be forgotten just yet, as he recently took to Instagram to wind up a fellow islander…

As Montana Brown answered fans questions via an Instagram Live, Muggy Mike lived up to his name and began trolling the Hertfordshire girl with bizarre comments.

Muggy Mike doing what he does best… Being muggy

‘Corr and people thought I was dry,’ he posted, going on to slam the brunette beauty by writing: ‘Nobody cares what you have to say.’

He bizarrely concluded by asking Mon: ‘Do you like ham?’

Yep, it all just got a bit weird, to be honest.

But fellow 2017 islander and Montana’s boyfriend Alex Beattie has now stuck up for his girl, retweeting a fan who highlighted Mike’s comments and wrote alongside it: ‘Still a Muggy pr*ck then.’

Eeeek. Here we go!

The Geordie model then went on to share a picture of a Mug with Mike’s face on, tweeting: ‘Get your mugs now on sale in stores near you.’

For his part, Mike attempted to defend his comments by posting: ‘We have a savage friendship what can I say.’

But Alex wasn’t convinced, taking another swipe at him as he replied…


Ooh, we can’t WAIT to tune into ITV2 at 9pm Sunday to see what drama went down at the reunion!

Emily Jefferies