Love Island star Amy Hart has confirmed she’s having her eggs frozen in a couple of weeks after a fertility expert warned she could hit the menopause early.

Amy, 27, went for a fertility MOT to check the likelihood that her body will stop producing eggs earlier than normal after her mother and auntie both went through the menopause in their forties.

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Opening up on Loose Women, she said, “I’m 27, always had regular periods, I’ve not had any problems at all.”

So what sparked the decision to freeze her eggs? “It started when I was unlucky in dating. My whole thing was, ‘What if I never have children?’

Amy’s prognosis from the fertility clinic was that she’ll “probably go through the menopause in early forties” which, she explained, “fits in with my family history”.

“I’m definitely going to do it in March. It’s ten days of injections. To make the ovaries work overtime. Another injection, then I go under general anaesthetic,” she revealed.


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Amy – who famously dated Curtis Pritchard in the villa last summer – said freezing her eggs has always been an option in her mind.

And even if she is swept off her feet in the next couple of months, her mind has been made up: “I’d still do it. I’m not going to live my life by any man I meet,” she explained.

Having walked out of the villa on her own accord last summer after things didn’t work out with Curtis, Amy said she’s worried about Ollie Williams – who recently quit the current series.


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While he claimed his departure was down to realising he has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, speculation has been rife as to whether Ollie was tipped off about the negative backlash he was facing on the outside world because of his “trophy hunting” past.

Amy said, “I don’t feel sorry for him, but I’m concerned about his life after the villa. Because there’s not much coming back from that.”

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Breaking his silence on the pictures – which sparked Ofcom complaints asking for him to be removed from the villa – he said, “I did not shoot any of the animals shown in the photographs nor have I ever shot as a trophy hunter.

“I did volunteer to take part in the conservation and anti-poaching programme in Mozambique, a part off which involves old or sick animals being culled. I was there as an observer.”