Danny didn't waste much time before climbing into bed with Jourdan


Love Island star Arabella Chi previously admitted she hoped Danny would follow her out of the villa after she got the boot.

Love Island's Arabella

However, it looks like Danny definitely doesn’t have any plans whatsoever to quit the ITV2 show for the model.

On last night’s episode, Danny and new girl Jourdan ended up kissing under the sheets together. Addressing the pair’s surprising hook up, Arabella admitted she was slightly hurt by it.

Appearing on Capital Breakfast this morning, the blonde model was reminded that she said they are both single when she appeared on Aftersun over the weekend.

Love Island, Danny

She then told the hosts: ‘Yeah. But obviously when you then see it, it’s not the nicest thing. Like, obviously, when Yewande saw us kissing.’

Arabella also said what got to her the most was the fact Danny told Jourdan what he had basically told her earlier in the show.

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Jourdan asked Danny, 21, if he would still be interested if Arabella, 28, was still in the villa.

‘Yes,’ Danny replied without any hesitation. ‘She’d only been here for a week, we’d been coupled for two days. At that point, if you’d have come in then, I’d have still got to know you.’

Arabella went on, ‘I think he’s saying the same to her as he did to me. Obviously with Yewande. I feel like it’s history repeating itself but in a very short period of time.’

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The model then took a swipe at Danny, calling him immature.

‘I feel like he’s just acting his age which, yeah, does slightly change my view on him ’cause I feel like he’s acting like a 21-year old-now. Like he’s just jumping ship.

‘But like I said he is single like I’m single so he can… you know, he’s entitled to do what he wants to do.’

Just days ago, Arabella had vowed to wait for Danny after she was voted out – but only if he didn’t hook up with any other islanders.

She told The Sun, ‘It was so tough having to say goodbye to Danny. Hopefully on the outside when he comes out we can carry on from where we left of but that depends what happens with him in the villa now.

‘I will be watching him a million per cent. It will show me his character because he was coupled up with Yewande before me and then me – if he jumps ship again from my point of view I’ll come to the conclusion that it wasn’t as genuine.

‘I need to see if he has a romantic connection with anybody else in there but time will tell.’