Love Island is back! Host Caroline Flack talks to us about the show - and her own love life

Fancy a summer fling? You’re not the only ones! We’re ecstatic that Love Island is back on our screens.

Ten years on and the sexiest show on TV has returned to ITV2 with 14 gorgeous single girls and boys all dreaming of finding true love… Or just a saucy spot of holiday romance. Or a one night thing. Oh, and the £50,000 prize money!

The ‘islanders’ are living the dream in a mega mansion in sunny Mallorca, Spain, for six weeks with only themselves, the biggest private pool in the whole of the Balearics and a free bar for company. Now bagged an invite to the exclusive multi-million pound Love Island villa to meet all of the gang, including the most popular lady on telly, Love Island host, Caroline Flack.

Here Flackers spills all the gory goss on what saucy goings on will be going down during this summer of love…

Caroline, how excited are you about the show?
It’s going to be so good. I watched the first Love Island and absolutely loved it. The best bit ever was when Bombhead from Hollyoaks had a big breakdown. You can’t find it anywhere on YouTube! If you Google it it isn’t on there. He might have had it taken off.

So could you see yourself falling in love with any of the Islanders?
Oh no! I don’t think so… Strictly professional, I’ll be there with a shoulder to cry on if they need it and that’s as far down as they can go! (Laughs). So, no! I’m not really into muscly men to be fair and there’s a lot on the show.

A few of the boys say that you’re their celebrity crush…
Oh god. What have I let myself in for? Oh well, there’s still hope yet!

What is your type?
Less muscly! I dunno. I don’t have a type but when I take my boyfriends home to my mum she says: ‘Looks the same as the last one!’ I’m like: ‘He doesn’t!’

Are you seeing anyone special at the moment?

Are you open to meeting someone out here?
Yeah… Maybe! I dunno. I might go down Magaluf, see what’s going on!

Are you on Tinder?
No, I don’t think I would ever go on them because I’m quite old fashioned. I like the conversation and talking to people and meeting people that way. It happens organically. Some of my friends are on Tinder and they love it, then they hate it… My friends are always deleting it and reloading it.

Have you ever had a sneaky look on theirs?
Yeah, I do all the time. It’s really good! You can’t tell what someone’s like though. One of my friends met someone online on My Single Friend and now she’s married to the man and they have kids, so it does work. If you haven’t got time to go out it’s a great way to meet people.

Have you ever had a holiday romance?
Yes, I met my last boyfriend (Jack Street) on holiday.

What advice would you give the Islanders?
Probably don’t go out with them afterwards! It didn’t work out for me, so I’d say leave the romance on holiday! I’m quite good at giving advice but I’m not good at taking my own advice. Would you take love advice from me? (Laughs). ‘Guys! What you should do is wait until your mid thirties and THEN try and find someone. And then get a cat.’

Who’s looking after your cat while you’re away?
He’s gone to my sister’s who’s got three kids that just pull his ears! They chase him and when he comes back to mine after he’s been at my sister’s he just sleeps for 48 hours. He’s what I miss most. That’s embarrassing isn’t it. I FaceTime my cat – he loves it.

Seriously though, what is your top love tip?
If your friend breaks up with someone just let her talk. Agree with everything she says and just listen, because she’s going to get back with him!

If you weren’t hosting Love Island would you like to be on it?
No, definitely not. I’d be really boring and I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone on camera and that’s what it’s about – coming here to find love. So no, definitely not!

How will you feel if they have sex on camera?
Well we’re going to have to watch it as it’s part of the show so I think that’s going to be quite weird. There’s going to be duvets though, I don’t think we’ll be seeing full on close-ups!

Won’t you feel embarrassed asking them about it all afterwards?
No, that’s what girls do! We all talk about sex afterwards! ‘What happened? How far did you go?’

Do you like it when people matchmake you with guys?
People do it a lot, especially when you’re single. People always invite their ‘single friend’ and when you get to a party you eye each other up and think, ‘bloody hell.’

You’re so busy at the moment, so how do you make time for your own love life?
You always make time don’t you? You just do, you find time for it – if I had one!

You said that you were asked to wear a bikini for the show but you said no. Why?
I wouldn’t want to be in a bikini on TV. That would be the worst feeling ever!

Have you been going to the gym to get ready for the summer?
No, I always think about that when I actually get on holiday and think, ‘Oh, I should have gone to the gym!’ I think I could be healthier and in better shape if I changed my lifestyle but I just think I have too much fun not changing my lifestyle. And it is a lifestyle change to be that fit all of the time. I do feel better when I exercise, but I’m not a lazy slob, I do like to go out. If it was a choice between the gym and sitting by the pool drinking rose, I’d go and drink the rose.

You’re filming in a beautiful location. Have you managed to have any time off to enjoy the sun?
The week before we started filming I did but now I’m travelling back and forth to film The X Factor. It’s not too much travelling, only two hours. It’s just like travelling across London!

Is it true you’re writing an autobiography soon?
Yeah… It might not be an autobiography though, it might be different. I’m not doing a coffee table book, but I will be writing. I won’t be dishing the dirt though it will be all happy stuff. I used to keep a diary, it’s really nice to read our old diaries – me and my sister had one and we had the key for each other’s so we’d read each other’s. She was really from the heart like, ‘Dear Diary today was wonderful…,’ she’d write so detailed about her day and then I’d be like, ‘I hate mum!’ That was our lives. (Laughs).

* Watch Love Island tomorrow on ITV2 at 9pm