What's your opinion of Zara's Miss GB de-crowning?!

Oh, Love Island.

A place of sun, sweaty looking under-the-duvet-jiggles and gender-equality outrage. Hang on a minute… What was that last one?!

Yep- this week, Love Island lost the bitchin’ (kind of but also not really) and got political. Has a miracle happened? Did we miss a blue moon? ARE PIGS FLYING?!

Sadly, no- instead, this scandal has all been caused by Love Island‘s resident Miss GB having sex (shock horror).

Regular Love Islander watcher’s will be well aware that during Wednesday’s episode Miss GB’s Zara Holland and newbie Alex got a rather friendly. Did the no-pants-dance. Whatever.

Since then, scandal has hit the villa with every Tom, Dick and Harry (Olivia) finding outrage at Zara and Alex’s hideaway escapades. Even though, you know, we’ve seen them doing the under-the-cover-shuffle and all.

And are they the only ones? Hell no, as Zara has now been officially stripped of her Miss GB title– the reasonings for which were explained in a lengthy statement from the official organisers of the contest

It would appear that the decision to de-crown Miss GB after her hideaway antics haven’t quite settled too well with many Love Island fans- especially with the presenter of the show, Miss Caroline Flack.

36-year-old Caroline has taken to Twitter to slam the decision, tweeting ‘Feel even more sorry for Zara now she’s been de-crowned. She’s a very sweet girl . What even is ‘miss GB’ ? Are we living in the dark ages ?’. 

And it would appear that many Twitter-folk are in agreement with Caroline, with replies reading messages such as ‘Surely the ‘role model’ should be how Miss GB handles her mistakes. Not to be punished for making them’, ‘”Shocker as grown woman has sex” – how thoroughly appalling eh!! #darkages’ and ‘bit rich coming from a organisation that judges girls on physical appearances’. 




Despite the public outrage at Miss GB’s decision, however, the organisation have remained adamant the de-crowning had nothing to do with female sexuality- tweeting, ‘To be clear we have no problem at all with sex-it is perfectly natural.We simply can’t condone what happened on national tv‘.

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Alice Perry/ @AlicePerrr