After last nights eviction we caught up Danielle Pyne and Chris Baxter, who had more than few words to say about the Ex-Island housemates…


Last night’s first Love Island eviction had us spluttering, spilling and throwing our customary jugs of sangria absolutely everywhere (well, when in Rome).

After Islanders Jon and Hannah were appointed the ‘power couple’, they had to choose which other couple they wanted to give the marching orders too. Cue Danielle Pyne and Chris Baxter  having to swiftly pack up and leave the Mallorca love shack.

And in the aftermath of their eviction we spoke to Danielle and Chris, and it seems goodbyes aren’t always the hardest things.

It was no mystery that Danielle wasn’t really on hair braiding and cookies before bed terms with a majority of her Love Island housemates, considering one of her first conversations with Chris was of how ‘stupid’ she found everyone else to be.

And when we caught up with her it’s safe to say no tune was changed, after asking who she would like to see coupled up in the villa she replied ‘I don’t know to be honest most of them are a combination of being dumb and an absolute disaster’. Ouch, does anyone need a plaster?

The 23-year-old then went on to say ‘in terms of actually just being able to genuinely be myself and just have conversations which I didn’t have to think about what I was saying all the time…I did struggle with literally just being able to talk like I would normally on the outside’.

But hey, at least there was a bit of a housemates highlight for Danielle, ‘I’d say the cocktail competition last night [was my highlight], everyone was just really relaxed and no one was overpowering each other which was a rarity in that place’. Nothing like a good old backhanded compliment!

And it seems there were no flirting techniques Danielle will pinch from her fellow Island ladies. She said of Jess, ‘she doesn’t care if she actually likes the guy or not it doesn’t cross her mind she’s just you know ‘there’s a guy there lets cuddle up with him’.

Naomi didn’t get away scott free either- On the topic of her liaisons with Josh, Danielle said, ‘I can’t believe what a good actor that girl is. I don’t believe her at all’.

The Love Island claws are well and truly out!

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Alice Perry